Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Mission 03


sorry for the delay on this one. Started doodling on the train to make more use of my time. Obviously this is a cleaned up version of my sketch. I wasn't happy with my last sketch so wanted to do something more in my style. Not much taken from the mood board other than the skull and the guitar. The rest i kinda freewheeled. All comments welcome.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Mission 03

Back again with mission 3, a new selection of random reference for us sketchmen to salivate over....some of us have still to post for previous missions ( guilty! ) , but fear not, more art is on it's way.

Get scribblin!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sketch 1 and 2!

Sorry, i know im slack but are my 2 efforts so far.

sketch idea, to be honest i wasnt giving it my all. Sketch 2, i started with the one on the left, but i didnt think much of it so i created the other 2 drawings to help get the character. ...They are based on that dead cat thing btw!


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mission 2

Chris - i tried sketching at home but me and pencils don't seem to be getting on too well so i did this on the wacom at work. Not sure why i prefer towork this way, but alot of it comes down to having more control. Started off as some wild crazy dude, but the more i drew him the less the features fit. so he became some kind of nomadic traveller dude. would like to have done some kind of tribal designs but decided to just post instead. on to the next one!

Chris Y- I liked that little long eared guy so I did some stuff around him. Im still not overly happy with my drawing style, im trying for a scratchy loose messy feel with just the salient features and shadow areas picked out with bolder lines, but always seem to overwork. Anyway is getting better, ive just got some red leads for my clicky pencil which stay light no matter how much you work into them so that might help.
Looking forward to next weeks mission.

McQue - Hello all. Was quite taken with those groovy sea forts, so I thought I'd try a twist on that. Thinking I might go the whole hog and do a full scale colour job on this.

Howdy - Mission 1 got the uncanny sketchmen back together and confirmed that their pencils still work. The next mission looks to keep those pencils scribbling with a new collection of reference images - sticking again to black n white, which stops us worrying about more finished pieces of work - it's all about the sketching of ideas. Here's the board, results to follow soon....

Friday, 2 April 2010

Mission 01

Chris Y- hi felas, soz for lateness I have to steal time away from my 2 year old daughter to get anything done, I stuck her infront of the tele with the' jungle book' on and did this:
Ive been drawing alot of dragons lately so wanted to use the lizard pic and also loved the lady in red which I saw as a kind of monk, so ended up with kunk fu lizard monk!
Am loving your sutffs, clearly some serious talent around here.

McQue - Sorry, Mr Burt, bit late this. Won't happen again.

These took their inspiration from the antler headed woman on the mood board - reminded me of that book 'Mythago Wood'. Recommended if you like that sort of thing.

Feels good to be sketchclubbing again!

Chris - Glad to besketching again. Here's my offering for the re-boot of the blog. This is about my 4th attempt at this. I started off way too tight then as i started sketching new ideas kept jumping out at me. Started off as some dude posing with a sword, but as i gradually started incorporating the shell shape from the building on the mood board into creatures that live beneath the ice. I removed the guys sword and turned him into a fisherman type. Not had much time on this but would like to have had the creatures also attacking him in some way. Roll on the next challenge!

Ross - ok , so this is my stab at the re-start of went through a good few iterations in quick doodle stage on post-its, and i thought i was gonna go with a wierd humanoid, but scrapped it and ended up here. The first thing that jumped out at me from the reference sheet was Chris's crazy antlered lady in red ( never seen her lookin so lovely as she looked tonight ) pretty much from there i knew i wanted to do some kind of creature with antlers...., other than that , i was pulled in by the little lizard, which influenced the face and a lot of the spikey texture of the creature....the vulture was also a big influence, and the cocoon like opera house was used in the layering on the creatures back and neck. Any name ideas for the creature are more than welcome :)

Back to the Drawing Board

Howdy, Ross here.... After a small absence of....ooh, maybe a year or so, the Uncanny sketchmen have reformed, regrouped, regurgitated and re-re-reminded themselves that it's good to draw! lots! So expect to actually see some regular blogposts from irregular guys starting now!

Mission 1 - Keep i
t simple

To start off we wanted to keep it easy, so between a few of us we put together a pretty varied mood/reference board and decided to stick to a Black N White piece inspired by some of the pics in some way. I'm looking forwards to seeing what images have jumped out most at the guys, and what wierd stuff we'll all come up with......the results will appear gradually over the next few days.

Friday, 19 September 2008


Here come the girls....